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How to Deal with failure

Blog by Saiyid Safdar Abbas Zaidi connectclue-author-image

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Late APJ Abdul Kalam-ex president of India's view on how to deal with failure   is - if you fail, never give up because it means First Attempt in Learning, He said never read success stories, you will get a message. Read Failure stories you will get some ideas to get success.

 He further says Failure is a disease. If you want to kill it use the best medicine of hard work and confidence .It will make you successful.
Fear is one of the most destructive of human emotions.  It can disrupt your   normal sleep.   It can maim you. It can force you to suppress your full self. It can crush your creativity. It makes you brittle and weak. You can be paralyzed by the unknown.  You will languish if you allow yourself to be controlled by fear. Don't let it happen.

Fear is momentary. It does not last long. It is irrational. What you fear never happens. Don't let it block you from progressing. Don't allow it to prevent and keep you from moving on.
Fear has two meanings says Buddha; Forget everything and run or   Face everything and rise, The choice is yours. Our choice should be; Face and Rise, don't run away, don't avoid the blocks; confront these blocks, kick them out of your way and continue your journey.

DOUBLE YOUR FAILURE rate;  so, advised Thomas J Watson - a past president of IBM on how to be successful. It is on the rubbles of failures that edifice of successes is erected.
I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate. So said an American comedian and writer. George Burns.  How  true it is !.

Once you eliminate the fear of failure, you can accomplish amazing things. Remember all great achievements are accompanied by great failure and rejections .      
 Fear is our biggest enemy. Fear is what stunts our growth, narrows our ambitions, and kills our dreams, so Fear not. Don?t allow fear to wrap your life. Have the strength to say no to wrong things and embrace the right ones. 
One cannot do the right things from fear. Failure is an experience. Experience a few failures. They will show you what didn't work out. They are sure shot mantra for success. If you are not failing you are not working.

There is no reason to fear failure.  In the words of Bill Gates, it is fine to celebrate success   but more important is to heed the lessons from Failure. Failure shows you the way to succeed. This is corroborated by an American retired sprinter  Michael Jonson   who  said I have failed over and over again in my life .
And that is why I succeed?
Key Take Away -
  • Fear  makes us nervous It can prevent us from introducing ourselves to people (fear of rejection),
  • Fear holds  us back from  starting profitable business ventures (fear of failure), 
  • Fear discourages us from experiencing wonderful things (fear of the unknown)
  • Take failure as your driver and motivator 

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