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When the writers can not find any suitable platform for showing their creativity, ConnectClue comes then. Here, we are working from day to night for expanding your growth as a writer and providing you every advantage that a writer deserves. With the motto "Happy writing journey for all", ConnectClue develops a lot of major factors that can improve the writer's life from mentally to financially. Every unique article deserves to be rewarded and shown to the world and we do that from the core just for sake of your happy writing. 

Earning : This is the platform where your passion and earning come together!

There is no limit to earning being the writer of ConnectClue. On this website, you will get more than thousands of views every day on your blog. And we don't want to waste such a large number of views on your hard work, rather we want your hard work to be paid.

We have monetary benefits programs to award authors as described below.

Article should have
     1. Minimum of 100 likes
     2. Minimum of 500 words
     3. Maximum of 15% plagiarism
     5. Minimum one image(Images shouldn't have copywrite issue, Authors should own it.)
     Note: Or write to us on connectclue.graphics@gmail.com with your article title to get one free graphic for your article. It will take some time to revert you back since we have long requests in queue.

Once above four clauses are satisfied then author will be awarded with $1(USD).

Referral bonus program:
If any registered user is referring to any other author to join ConnectClue and referred author publishes minimum of 10 quality articles then referring user will be rewarded with $1(USD) for each referrals. 


High organic traffic : No lack of organic traffic on ConnectClue !

Does Hard work always pay for itself? We came to know it by our own experiences. Starting from 0 traffic and with some of the writers, today our team has crossed 10k organic traffic, and do you know how? The reason is you, the worthless expression of your inner-self which attracts the traffic from the entire world, especially from USA and India. Your one step towards us is nothing but a reward for yourself and others. Each time you publish a blog, the rate of our organic traffic increases and that affects your earning and fame. So be with us for an eternal time being to create a new concept in the writing world where the writers of ConnectClue will be the masters of all nations. Authors, who share their articles, also need to make sure that they are following right track for organic traffic only.


You get paid for your blogs : 
You are only 1 step away from getting paid!

First, sign in and then start uploading your writing here on ConnectClue. Our aim is to encourage your writer-self to the limit of the sky. And here you can publish your writings for free but can not leave our site without getting paid. The more you join and write, the more our team gets bigger and stronger.
Earnings details are described at the top of this article.

Traffic from worldwide: 
Drag all the article lovers towards your amazingness with our high-traffic rate!

Currently, ConnectClue owns a high number of organic traffic throughout the world, mainly from U.S.A, Europe, and India. So whenever you upload supreme quality content, it will bring all the blog readers from every corner of the world. Getting a large number of views does not depend on your blog only, it also relies on the website which you are choosing for publishing your blogs, and in that case, no other blog publishing website can provide more facilities than us!

Explore with your competitors : Start the endless exploration with the writers from different categories!

In today's world where everyone is getting smarter with advanced technologies, you show more expertise in them. ConnectClue is the perfect place for reading and understanding different levels of different writers worldwide. It will help you to stand out among your competitors in the writing field and the field is not limited to your territory. You will get competitors from the entire world and writers from different centuries will be there for competing with you. But we know that you are unbeatable and you only need such a platform like ConnectClue for proving your worth to the nations. Not only this, but also you will get enough chance to interact with other writers to know about their conceptions on a specific topic, it will help you to understand more about the writings of different genres.


Help to grow your business : Grow your business to brand by guest posting on ConnectClue !

We are here to connect your business websites with organic traffic worldwide and provide maximum success to your business. All you have to do is just insert your business website on ConnectClue and follow the guest posting blogs on our website. Then give the rest of the responsibility to us, we will get your expected traffic within a few weeks and help your business to take up the next level of speed. Instead, you don't need to cost a single rupee for that. ConnectClue knows the digital market and your business type very well so in that case, you will not face any difficulty to get the proximate value of your business-cum-brand.


Sponsored blogs and articles : 
Contact us for getting sponsored advertisements on blogs!

Dealing with different types of people is not so difficult when you publish a sponsored blog on ConnectClue. The range of our blog category and the organic traffic is vast enough to fulfill your target within a while. Only a few steps with ConnectClue can increase your popularity for a lifetime. So don't get too late for becoming more prosperous in the online world! Having started as a guest blogging website, our team has been successfully forwarding the message of many agencies for years.


Free advertisement of your blogs : You only need a priceless promotion for showing your preciousness!

ConnectClue is the home to every type of blog writer, from creative to informational. So whatever your blog content is, we would love to promote it worldwide. As soon as you finish uploading your blogs, we start our online advertising campaign for you. We value your time and effort, therefore we never compromise with your hard work. And we never take any charges from you for getting your blogs promoted because of how much time you are giving behind your writing, we just try to add satisfaction to it by showing you in front of the world. We believe that our writer's community is always ready to express the ideal and real sides of the darkness and lightness of our universe, so we offer such free advertisements for making them eternally famous.


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Hi Smarajit, You will get free advertisement on our social platforms. Free Services you get on connectclue.com are: 1.Free Graphic Design for your each blog. 2.Free portal for your profile. 3. Free advertisement on our all distributions / platforms.
I would like to write blogs on Medicinal Cannabis. Please let me know how to start and can I have free advertising?
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