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Durga Puja & Garba Makeup Tips

Blog by Deepanjali keshari connectclue-author-image

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Durga Puja Makeup Tips: The festive season has started and with this the special festival of Durga Puja is also being celebrated with great pomp across the country.  This festival is celebrated with great pomp in Bengal as well as in other parts of the country.  In other parts of the country it is celebrated as Navratri where nine forms of Maa Durga are worshiped for nine days.  Apart from the religious significance, this festival gives a great opportunity to the women to adorn themselves.  In some parts of the country, Dandiya Night and somewhere a grand celebration of Durga Puja is organized.  In such a situation, you can make your look special on this special occasion.  So let's know which makeup tips you can adopt on the special occasion of Durga Puja.

 prepare the skin properly :

 Before applying any makeup on the face, it is very important to prepare the skin properly.  For this you can first follow some skin care routine.  It includes the steps of Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing.  After this, after drying the face properly, apply a good quality primer on the face.

 Ignore Heavy Bass :
 In today's season the humidity in the atmosphere has increased a lot.  In such a situation, avoid doing heavy makeup in this humidity-filled season and do not apply too many layers of concealer and foundation.  Apart from this, you can use loose powder on the face.

 Highlight the best features of the face :
 While doing makeup, take special care that you highlight the best features of your face.  Along with this, it is very important to maintain balance on the face.  Keep in mind that highlight only one of the eyes or lips.

 Do special makeup for the eyes : For daytime eye makeup, use eye shadows of bet and matte brown soft shades.
 To give a Smokey look to the eyes at night, apply Drumstick Smokey Eye Makeup.
 After this, use any smudge proof eyeliner on the eyes.
 Use Kajal to enhance the beauty of the eyes.
 Along with this, do not forget to apply eyelashes to make your eyes more beautiful.
 Then apply mascara to complete your eye makeup

  Keep the perfect hairstyle for hair: You can carry a Bengali look by pairing hair with a Bengali sari.
 You can also create soft curls in the hair which makes your look more attractive.
 You can also keep your hair in baby straight hair

 Lip color should also be special :
 You can use Long Lasting Bright Lip Color to make your Durga Puja look special.  First you use lip liner.  After this, you can use matte lipstick of any bright color.  It will perfect and complete your look

Last updated: Oct 13, 2021

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