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Role of history in tourism Industry

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Role of History in tourism Industry

Generally history is offered as a product in tourism. History figures predominantly in promotional literature. Many destinations have always been promoted through their histrocity like Jaipur , Pink city , City of palaces , Fatehpur Sikri etc.

              Similarly in travel writing history is a popular theme to write upon and it can be history of many things- destination, fort, palace, art and crafts ,people , airline etc. But history plays an important role in the area of Indian tourism as India is primarily a cultural destination in the International tourism. Not only in the International tourism but in domestic tourism also history and its by products remain prime attractions. 

People often plan their trend to have a feel of their cultural heritage along with several other interests. So tourism is the most important  area today where history seems to become operative as an attraction , the pull factor or product for the consumption of tourists.

 As a tourism product ,it figures in the
-         Promotional literature
-         Travel and tourism writing
-         Descriptions and interpretations provided by guides and escorts.

Offering historical destinations and museums as travel packages has been an old trade with tourism industry. With the growth of special interest tourism the relevance of history has further increased.In many cases fairs and festivals have also emerged as strong tourist attractions because they provide a good example of continuity and change. 

The age old rituals ,traditions and customs are located in modern ambience in these fairs and festivals. History also figures in the shopping and entertainment because many tourists want to know the history of designs and styles etc. of jewellery and craft items. Thus history is very important for Indian tourism .


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