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Classification of salads

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In the  kitchen  all the types of food is prepared in which  salad plays  a very  important  role.  Freshness and variety of ingredients is required  for a nice salad.  A salad can be defined  as a cold dish prepared of various  mixtures of  raw or cooked vegetables and other food items ,usually  seasoned with oil ,vinegar or other dressing  and  sometimes accompanied  by  meat, fish or other ingredients. The salads  can be  widely  defined as   following  types.

1.   Vegetable  salad -  It is the salad which has the crunchy vegetables used  and its used as appetizer in the  meal.  The vegetables   used can be cooked or raw. Few examples  of   vegetable  salads are tossed salad, coleslaw salad.

2. Fruit  salad -  It  is the salad  which  consists  of fresh  fruits,  cut and served as a dessert or as an appetizer   too.  The canned fruits  can also be used   in making  of these types of salads. Fresh  fruit  with honey lemon dressing .

3. Pasta salad  -  It is the salad made up with  boiled fancy  pasta   and some  vegetables with dressing into it.Fancy boiled  pastas ,  fruits  and  vegetables   are used in this salad.

4. Protein salad -  It  is a  salad  made up of  chicken, ham , beef,  cut  vegetables   and  fruits along  with some  dressing.   It is generally  served as the  main course.   Ham  and  chicken salad,  chef's  salad.


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