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Use of computer in housekeeping department

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Use of Computers in housekeeping department
Computers  are  now being used  in many housekeeping departments  for room management , inventory control, linen management and  so on to varying extents. Many software  packages are now  available in India  that  provides specific applications  for housekeeping  operations. Computers can now be  linked to the telephone system in each guestroom. Computers  are  being used in housekeeping for
1. Rooms  management
2. Forecasting GRA requirement
3.  Housekeeping history and  GRA  performance
Rooms Management
Arrival and  departure as well as occupancy figures.
Occupancy forecast                                                                    
VIP  and other  special arrivals
Guest history  and other special  requests
Out of order record  giving reasons
Room change (When a guest moved from one room to another)  and also the room type change
Complimentary or  staff room
Forecasting GRA  Requirement 
Computers  may  be used  to  forecast  the  total  number of GRAs  needed each day in the future based on the  current in house occupancy and  staffing and the expected  arrivals /  departures  over  the  forthcoming period.  These  can forecast  staffing requisites  up to  365 days  in advance , given the right inputs .
Housekeeping history and  GRA  performance
It is possible  to  measure the performance of each GRA  by tracking the  estimated clean time  and the  actual  clean time  as well as the  variances.


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