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Independence Day!!!! What it means to me!!

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Independence Day!! 15th August, 1947!! None of us can forget this date and till today, whenever this day comes, it takes us way back in our memories. We got our long awaited freedom on this day. So many of our freedom fighters lost their lives only in the dream of an Independent free India, our country. Till today, on this day, in the schools, colleges, children are made to listen to the great stories of our Freedom. Fighters.

The radio still plays songs like-
Itni shakti hamein dena daata, mann ka vishwaas kamzor ho na., hum chakein nek raaste pe humse, bhool kar bhi koi bhool ho na............, .. ....,
Aye maalik, tere bandey hum, aise ho hamaare Karam, Neki par chale aur badi se darein, taaki haste hue nikle dum.....

On Independence as a tribute to them and memorable day. These songs are still my favorite ones and even I grew up listening to each word of it and these words still touch my heart and motivate me . We can never forget the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters for us.

Well, to me, whenever this day comes, one thought, one question always comes to my mind and I don't get an answer to it. What is Independence? What is freedom? Are we really free? Did our freedom fighters dream of such a country where we live today? Think of it for a moment..Are we really free and independent as a nation, as a person?

Well, to me , freedom is when you are free from all the negativity in your hearts and only, happiness, peace and love prevails. To me, a free nation is where anybody, any girl feels safe. There is no fear, there is light everywhere and no darkness. But we have so much envy and darkness in our hearts. Are we really free? Many of our people in the army still fight on the front against the evil terrorism. And what's more to it, since, last 1.5 years, we are fighting with this virtual terrorism , named as Covid 19.

Think of it!! Are we really free? I sometimes wonder, when all this will end? Will it ever end? As it is said, there is always light at the end of tunnel. I dream of a nation, where everyone is dancing with love , happiness and peace in their hearts. There is no envy and hatred in anyone's hearts. A girl is safe in the house and on the roads and she is not afraid. Everyone is safe. India has always been known as the country of different diversities and culture across the world.

Will my dream come true some day and I will see such a free nation? Yes, may be, if we, as a person start evolving and take steps towards our freedom and independence. We, as individuals, start getting rid of all the negative feelings and emotions within us and free us from all the negativity within us. We start creating a chain of happiness and peace around ,and then slowly and gradually, the whole nation will enjoy the freedom and then the whole world. The true Independence and freedom will be when all of us will be economically and emotionally free and independent. We will be better human beings and humanity, peace , joy and love will prevail in everyone's hearts. And that will be the true meaning of education. When there will not be any discrimination on the basis of rich, poor, caste, religion, and all will be equal ad free.

I wonder and wish sometimes but still eagerly waiting for that day to come soon. There is a plethora of thoughts in me like an ocean but would like to end it here today. Let's make a promise to ourselves today, on this day!! Lets care for each other again!! Let's keep humanity alive!! Let's be more human!!

Keep reading for more and do let me know what Independence means to you.
I would love to read your thoughts

I wish you a life full of freedom and Independence, full of happiness, positivity, hope, love and peace.



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