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Diwali- The festive time!!

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Some of my Experiences and Learnings!!

Well, I just love this festival because so much of lights around, killing the darkness, light reaches everywhere, as if Universe is showering it's  blessings on all of us. After 2 long years of waiting, this Diwali had a very mixed feeling, as some of my friends had lost their closed ones unfortunately, so they could not celebrate and some others celebrated very well with a lot of happiness and smile on their face. As if life was slowly finally coming back to normal like old times. It was so good and beautiful to see light everywhere around in a series like always. As there is light after the tunnel and the tunnel was finally over .

An old friend of mine visited my place, after long 5 years and we cherished childhood memories and created some more beautiful ones. Good to feel that some things don't change and should not change. An old shopkeeper near my place, I used to visit often to buy some stuff, he was still there selling similar stuff. And he didn't forget me and recognized me, asking if I am fine and all well. 

Same time, all of us light Diyas in the evening, so we see series of light everywhere killing the darkness. But what about the darkness in our hearts? Have we ever thought about it? What do we learn from Diwali?

Here are some of my learnings-

* Liberate ourselves from all the negative memories of the past.
* Forgiving everybody who has hurt us in any form and fill our hearts with love and peace. 
* Kindness- A small act of polite words, kindness, humanity can go a long way. It might just change some one's life 
* Happiness- Happiness within ourselves and spreading it too.
* Unity in diversity.
* Liberating ourselves from all the negative feelings in our hearts like Ego, Jealousy and fill our hearts with lots of positivity, hope and faith.

Let's ignite that light within us and keep it alive always!!

Hope all of you had a great Diwali full of beautiful memories like me. Do share your experiences and learnings with me, I would love to read.

Keep reading for more!! 

Stay safe, stay blessed and stay happy always!!

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