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Stranger can be FRIEND - Humanity

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Well !! Well !! Well !! Festival time and I just love festivals so much. I am sure, you all,  also do love them, as I do. It brings so much positivity, brightness, bonds and what not in our lives, the list is endless. And, this time was more special as it has come after a long wait of 2 years, it felt soooo nice to see old days back- Pandaals, Jhulaas, Mela, sweets, different dishes, all of it which we have grown with it. So, let me share some of my experiences and some beautiful memories, I had this time with you.

I was looking at all the stalls at one of the Pandaals , I visited,  I saw a stall by the name of Bhaalo bytes, seemed to me , as the stall must be selling some different Bengali dishes. Though, I didn't know and understand all of it but it again reminded me of beautiful memories, I had with my old Bengali best friend. He often used to bring home made Bengali dishes for me like paatty sapto, puran poli, and I used to love it so much. I immediately asked Uncle at the stall," Do you have Paaatty sapto? I would love to have it...My friend used to bring it for me , but now for last 5 years he is in the sky, though he still walks with me. ". He said," hmm ok!! Sorry to know this.... We don't have Paaatty sapto here as it takes a lot of time to make it but we do have it in our regular shop nearby".

I said," hmm ok !! I will surely come someday soon to have it. " Then he offered me some of his dishes like Malai Chamcham, Maalpua. I got some packed but to my surprise, he didn't charge me for the dishes he offered me to taste.  Then he said, " you can put your mobile number in that box, we will wats app our special dish for the day, Just one disturbance daily with a smile

🙂". Though, usually shopkeepers do ask their  customers to share their number with them but the way he asked, made me smile too. As I do avoid sharing my number like this and getting such msgs daily, his warm and heartfelt way was so different that we didnt mind. You know some experiences are such that they do make a nice mark in your heart. In todays time, when everything is so practical, calculative,  sales oriented, business oriented or too mechanical or with a motive only, I was really happy to see that somewhere, we still have that personal touch, that human touch, that generosity, that humbleness, that hospitality, alive.. If you ask me, I still love having food on that 'kele ka patta' . I really feel such festivity does connect us more and develop better human bonds which we do forget in our daily fast lives.
So, to say, have you ever observed, when we dance somewhere in a function , gathering or a party, we are so engrossed in dancing that we are even dancing with some strangers, and you never know when those strangers become your friends. If we open our hearts a little more often and keep that playful and happy child alive in us, we can see life with sparkling shining eyes. And the world around looks more beautiful!!

Do you also have any such experience where you found that heartfelt human touch or any stranger became your friend enjoying together or any such beautiful memory? Do share with me, I would love to read.

Keep reading for more!!

Stay safe, stay blessed and stay happy always!!


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Loved to read such experience, thanks for sharing!!!!

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