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Session on Interview skills to students organized by an International NGO

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Well, often, when I ask my students, " What is Success to you? " . The usual answer is ," Mam, Lot of money, good life, good lifestyle, Owning a Mercedes Benz, Big House and the list is on and on....Really?  How do you define good life? And to my surprise, they don't even know the meaning of happiness!! the difference between pleasure and happiness. May I ask you," Do you know? Is it so difficult to be happy? Actually, it's very simple. We are so lost in our own world's, the so called race of life. when actually, life has never been a race. Like the different fingers in our hands, each one of us are unique in ourselves and have their own journey!!  " A self satisfied life is much better than a successful life because success is measured by others , but satisfaction is measured by your soul. A successful person may or may not be happy but a happy person will always be successful and satisfied. Life has a different exam for everyone which cannot be copied .To me, Success is ," To aim to become a better version of myself  each day, on the path of my journey, following my passions, soul mission and convictions!! "

So, again here, at an event organized by an International NGO, Where I had given a session on Interview skills to about 150 girls Alumini students from different schools and colleges, one student defined success as Lot of money!! So, to say,, All of us are Energies and even Money is also an Energy , which is meant to flow.

Like always, it is a beautiful feeling, when some of the students came to me after the session and shared that, Mam, I was so nervous before my Mock Interview with you but now I feel much better and so confident, I have learnt a lot from you today. Thank you so much, Mam!!" Now, this feeling of peace and happiness where I am able to make a positive change in someone's life, That's real happiness, and the purpose of my life. The mission of my life. What you leave behind is how many faces smile when they hear your name and remember you , Your words , your deeds is what matters ultimately. Be a good human being and Be happy always!!

Keep reading for more!! Do share your thoughts as well, I would love to read.

Stay safe, Stay blessed and stay happy always!!


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