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Different types of room status in hotel

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Room Status Definition

The various terms defined are typical of the room status terminology of the lodging industry.
1 . Occupied - A guest is currently registered to the room.

2. Complimentary- The room is occupied but the guest is assessed no charge for its use.

3. Stay over-  The guest is not expected to check out today and will remain at least one more night.

4 .On change- The guest has departed, but the room has not yet been cleaned and readied for resale.

5. Do not disturb(DND)-  The guest has requested not to be disturbed.

6. Sleep Out- A guest is registered to the room but bed has not been used.

7. Skipper- The guest has left the hotel without making arrangement to settle his or her account. Guests come with scanty baggage (light luggage).

8. Vacant and Ready- The room has been cleaned and inspected and is ready for an arriving guest.

9. Out of order (O.O.O)- The room cannot be assigned to a guest. A room may be out of order for a variety of reasons including need for maintenance, refurbishing and extensive cleaning.

10. Double lock- The guest room door is locked from inside and outside two times so that no one can enter.

11. Due out-  The room is expected to become vacant after following day's check out time.

12. Check out- The guest has settled his or her account, returned to the room keys and left the hotel.

13. Late check out-  The guest has requested and is being allowed to check out later than the hotel's standard check out time.


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