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Different types of meal plan used in hotel

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Meal Plans

The room tariff of a hotel may be based on the choice meal plans offered to guests.  Depending on the needs of their target audience ,hotels offer  a variety of meal plans.

1.      European plan- European plan(EP) consists of room rate only and the meals are charged separately as per actuals. It is generally preferred in a commercial hotel where business executives have to socialize with their clients and do not take meals at the hotel.

2.     Continental plan-  Continental plan (CP) consists of room rent and continental breakfast. Continental breakfast generally includes most or all of the following: sliced bread with butter /jam/honey, cheese, meat, croissants and Danish pastries, rolls, fruit juice and coffee /tea/hot chocolate /milk. This plan is generally found in hotels in Europe.

3.     American plan-  American plan (AP) is also known as en-pension(full board) .The tariff includes room rent and all meals (i.e , breakfast ,lunch and dinner). This tariff plan is popular in resort hotels located at remote places where guests do not have a choice of food outside the hotel premises.

4.     Modified American plan -  Modified American Plan(MAP) is also known as demi pension(half board). The tariff consists of room rent, breakfast and one major meal ( either lunch or dinner). This tariff plan is popular in hotels located at tourist destinations ,where the guest may want to go for sightseeing after breakfast ,have lunch outside the hotel ,and return to the hotel in the evening and have dinner.

5.     Bed and breakfast (B&B) or Bermuda Plan- Bed and breakfast plan (B&B) or Bermuda plan consists of room rent and American breakfast. American breakfast generally includes most or all of the following : two eggs(fried or poached ), sliced bacon or sausages, sliced bread or toast with jam/jelly/butter ,pan cakes with syrup, cornflakes or other cereal ,coffee/tea ,orange/grapefruit juice.


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