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Ultimate Makeup Guide For Summer of 2021

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The makeup-melting hot days are here and the internet is going bonkers. Social media is already brimming with beauty tips, do's and don'ts, hacks and what not for the summer of '21.
And we get it - it can be quite overwhelming to wind your way through this jungle of information to arrive at something that makes sense. So what are we doing here? We're here to make your life (and your summer) easier.

So, here's a super simple, definitely do able guide to keep your makeup hot and on-point all through this summer.


What's all the craze about?
Before we enlighten you with our top-notch summer beauty tips, we have some explaining to do. If you're wondering what this obsession with summer bodies and beauty every year is all about, read on. While every season requires its own beauty and skincare routine, summers especially demand us to pay a little extra attention to our bodies. That is because summers are when our bodies go through a peak of changes.

The summer season speeds up our metabolism, changes our diet intake, physical activities and biological processes. These changes in turn reflect externally as well as internally on our skin, face and body. Besides, the vibe of summers is like no other. These are the days to be sun-kissed all over, for the picnics and swims. So now you know why the season never fails to spark trends in the makeup world and fashion industry each year.

Let's talk about you
Whether you are one to go with the trends or not, it is a wise and healthy practice to follow the right beauty and self care routine that is suitable for the particular season. Following the wrong or outdated beauty practices and products will only lead to unhealthy skin and body. Here is the ultimate guide to get your makeup right this season.

The very basics
A common mistake we all make is not moisturizing our skin enough during summers. While winters are drying, did you know that summers cause the most dehydration, and that includes our skin? So get all that moisture in. Even better if your moisturizer has UV protection and SPF. We don't want any nasty sunburn and tans.

Time to prime
Invest in a good primer that will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. Chuck out primers that dry out your skin. Know your skin type before choosing your primer as this is the base on which you are to put on your makeup. Here's our camera-ready primer to create a smooth canvas for your makeup masterpiece!

Do it dewy
All that sunshine is enough to make you glow. You still want to go with that glittery makeup? Nah. Switch your makeup style from all the winter bling to a more subtle and dewy summer look. Dewy makeup is much more elegant for sunny days and ensures that you don't end up looking like party decor! Nail the perfect dewy look with this no-shine cherry bomb lip stain.

Bronzer is bae
Bronzers are one of the best makeup tools out there. They not only give shape to your face structure but also give depth to your lovely features. Summers are best for wearing bronzers as all that light is bound to bring out your features brilliantly. A good summer rule is to highlight less and bronze up more.

Colours, more colours
There is no such thing as too much colour when it comes to summer makeup. You do you. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with all sorts of shades and our rainbow palette will help you do just that. It's time to put on that neon eyeliner. And that orange lip stain you shied away from wearing? Go for it.

Sweat-proof it
The last thing you want is to sweat away all your makeup. Use waterproof products especially for your eyes. A setting spray is worth it if you are going to wear makeup all day. And another golden tip: liquid > powder. Shift to liquid products rather than powder versions as they tend to stay on longer. Here's our liquid shimmer to perfectly highlight your brow bone.
Now go ahead and have a summer to remember all your life! In the meantime, remember us too and visit our website for all things ethical skincare and makeup. Seasons change, our quality and standards never do!


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