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Why is Make-Up Tested on Animals?

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There are certain assumptions surrounding makeup being tested on animals. Most of us think it?s nothing major and doesn?t really believe that it could amount to cruelty. So if you?re thinking that make up testing on animals is simply a monkey get its nails done or squirrels enjoying a sauna, you must know that the reality is actually quite grim and dark!

Animals that are deployed for testing are kept in complete isolation. They are forced to live a bleak life just for the sake of these tests which further add to their suffering. They are forcefully fed with the unrealistic proportions of products only for the purpose of observation by the scientists who are looking for the signs and symptoms of birth defects, cancers, and some other health issues. Their eyes are dilated with drugs and their skin is shaved and rubbed with the product to see whether they face any irritation or itching. To top it all, many times the poor animals are forced to take lethal dosages of chemicals to see what will kill them! This inhuman practice is prevalent across the makeup industry and many top brands are involved too.

The cosmetic industry is largely unregulated and thrives on the promise of making us look more. But the fact remains that in the absence of any concrete regulation and laws against animal testing, this is dependent almost entirely on the discretion of makeup companies who don?t really care about the cruelty factor. The animal testing methodology is absolutely cruel and archaic and simply not necessary when it comes to producing quality makeup products.

With the changing times there have been some positive drift against animal testing too. However, this is just the beginning as we need to go a long mile from here. Many countries like the U.S, UK, Australia, India, New Zealand and many more have come forward to stop this animal cruelty. There are many upcoming brands who are organic, pure, and made without performing any tests on animals whatsoever.

One such brand is MS Glamour that uses natural and organic ingredients that pose no threat to the planet or living beings. It aims to empowering and educating the consumers so that they can adapt to informed choices. We always believe in making people aware about what goes behind the scenes in make-up industry. We even make them clear on why are we always aiming at producing cruelty free make-up.

 Now let?s discuss about the good news that has given some relief in the case of animal cruelty. Countries like US, India, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Israel, Switzerland, U.K and Turkey and some other countries are also favouring a new law that talks of banning the testing conducted on innocent animals in Cosmetics industry.

This is a good beginning, but we still have a lot to cover in terms of collective thinking and empathy that we hold towards innocent animals. In China importers are still forced to test their cosmetic products on animals if they really want their supplies to stand in the Chinese market.

There are many organizations working for animal welfare that have statistics and records of animal cruelty caused by the cosmetic industry. Organizations like Mintel and PETA have estimated that 300,000 animals are used in cosmetics tests each year in China alone, with the Humane Society International estimating the death of 50,000 to 120,000 rabbits yearly over the past decade owing to cosmetic product testing.

While the above data is distressing but we do have some good news! In the month of July this year, China?s State Council announced that beginning January 1st, 2021, imported ?ordinary? cosmetics, such as shampoo, perfume, and mascara, may no longer require eye and skin irritation animal tests. A significant win for the animals and animal right activists, this regulation will surely pave the way for more concrete laws and lead to more concrete and positive changes in the right direction.

Make-up is a joy for the applicator, let?s make it free from cruelty too! Enjoy cruelty free make-up by MS Glamour!


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