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Ultimate Makeup Tips Everyone Needs to Know

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Learning how to apply all-natural makeup isn't as simple as it may seem?and watching complicated YouTube & IG makeup tutorials can only make you more confused. The primary concern is the right order, and with the new makeup products getting launched by cosmetic brands continuously, it is becoming increasingly unmanageable to find the way out of this situation. Which is why we're here to help you by sharing our secret makeup tips that you can easily use in your makeup routine and get flawless results every time. Continue reading to find out our little secret.

Ultimate Makeup Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Hack #1

Vibrant Eyeshadow: We often feel like our eye makeup is not vibrant enough, no matter how bright colours and layers we use. Try our secret trick and spritz a little bit of our hypoallergenic makeup setting spray on your eyeshadow brush and apply your pigment as usual. It'll brighten up the colour and keep it vivid all day long. For better results use MS Glamour eyeshadow palette.

Hack #2

Melt Your Pencil Liner to Help It Glide: Creamy makeup products work better when they're warmed up. You can warm up your kohl eyeliner pencil for a decent colour payoff. Melt it down slightly before you start lining. To do so, hold the tip of the sharpened pencil above the flame, for a second or until it gets tacky. Let it cool down slightly and make sure it is not hot before applying on your eyelids. You will see the pigmentation right away.

Hack #3

Use White Eyeliner to Make Eyeshadow Pop: To make your less pigmented eyeshadow appear brighter on your eyelids, blend a white eyeliner pencil or a concealer over your entire eyelid first. Top it off with the colours of your choice. The opaque coverage of the white base intensifies any colour and makes it pop. Genius!

Hack #4

Outline Your Cat Eye First: If you are struggling to nail a winged eyeliner look, try drawing out the outline first and then fill the inner portion. Extend a line from the corner of your lash line towards your outer part of your eyebrow. Then decide on the thickness you want for your wings and join the top line to the middle of your lash line. Once you have created the symmetrical outer lines on both the sides, fill it with the eyeliner to complete the look.

Hack #5

Use a Spoon as a Mascara Shield: Nothing can be more annoying than ruining your perfect eyeshadow with mascara. But do you know the fix? Hold a spoon in a manner that it is covering your eyelids. Then apply your mascara as you usually would. When you apply the mascara, the back of the spoon protects it from reaching your skin. You can use a Q-tip to clean the residue if anything wrong happens.

Hack #6

Heat Your Eyelash Curler With a Hair Dryer: You must have seen this DIY hack on Instagram. In this super hack, you have to heat your eyelash curler with your hairdryer. The added heat will help your lashes to curl faster and intact the curl for longer. Take your hairdryer, open your lash curler and heat it up. Let it cool down slightly and then clamp down on your lashes to curl them.

Hack #7

Define Your Cupid's Bow With an "X": The easiest way to define your cupid's bow is to pick your favourite lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick and mark an 'X' on it. Then, outline your lip as you usually would and fill it in with a matching lip shade to complete your look. Don't forget to add a little highlighter on it!

Hack #8

Conceal Your Under Eyes Area With a Triangle Shape: People generally don't care about the shape while applying the concealer. But, if you want to brighten up your under-eye region, stop dotting or lining your concealer and try applying it in a triangular shape. Draw an opposite triangle directly underneath your lash line. This helps to conceal any redness and create an illusion of a brighter and natural under eye area.

Formulated in Germany, MS Glamour makeup range comes with hypoallergenic ingredients! Try us and give yourself the gorgeous look that you always dreamt of!


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